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EKAR is provided to you in partnership with Saudi Aramco Transportation & Equipment Services Department

Samara and ekar are pleased to announce their partnership with Saudi Aramco offering ultimate mobility solutions to Saudi Aramco employees.
ekar uses state-of-the-art instant reservations and smart access technology, providing a network of vehicles for on-demand rent. ekar enable users to easily discover and book available cars via its mobile app and website providing a cost-effective alternative to daily and monthly rentals by offering a “pay-by-the-use” pricing.
Samara is the first KSA company to embrace smart mobility solutions for its client Saudi Aramco through its collaboration with ekar, known for flexible pricing by offering customers pay-per-use, daily, weekly, and monthly on demand rentals. The partnership will provide ekar cars in Saudi Aramco’s communities. Having ekar will optimize the existing fleet of Saudi Aramco owned cars – with a predicted 35% reduction in fleet requirements, having a positive impact on the environment.
Eyad Ramlawi - Managing Director from Samara commented; “We strongly believe in the future of car sharing, consequently we consider the partnership with ekar as a strategic one for our client Saudi Aramco and its workforce. Car sharing has a very positive effect on mobility, the economy, the end user and the environment by reducing carbon footprint. We are looking forward to seeing the results of the vehicles delivered.”
The car share services, provided by ekar, give KSA consumers all the benefits of car ownership without the high fixed costs including purchase, insurance and maintenance. Also, the car sharing phenomenon comes with environmental benefits including; reduced levels of air pollution, less parking infrastructure issues, less road expansions and more resources for park development and urban green spaces. For every one ‘car share’ car on the road means there are seven owned cars off the road thereby contributing largely to the decrease in air pollution.
“We are thrilled to launch our service in Saudi Arabia with such forward-thinking companies such as Samara and Saudi Aramco, and we are excited to be the first car sharing company in the Kingdom. Our next step is to bring ekar to Riyadh, Dammam, and Jeddah. ekar will also be providing a fleet of female-only cars as to empower the female-driver movement.” Vilhelm Hedberg, CEO ekar Middle East.

About ekar -
ekar started out like many businesses do. We observed a problem and went about figuring out how to find a solution and make the joys of driving car just that - joyful!
“Most Promising UAE-based Start-up 2016” – Forbes Middle East.

About Samara -
Samara, a subsidiary of Alturki Holding, is a leading company in the auto leasing industry providing chauffeur driven car rental and transportation solutions in Saudi Arabia.


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